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Water Conservation

Small (water conserving) Dams on the river :

The river adjoin to the village mainly flows full in the rainy season. The dam wall preserves the water which can be utilized in summer by the villagers for daily activities and farming, this helps to avoid the drought situation in the region. The foundation aims to built such dam walls on the river, and repair the old Kolhapur style dam wall (Bandhara) on the river.

Rain water harvesting System :

The foundation aims to have rainwater harvesting system for the villages of tribal zone were the region experiences heavy rainfall in rainy season and severe drought in season. The rain water system take the water to the common reservoir of the village.

Water Recycling :

Recycling plants of the waste water is introduced to the villages, company, institutes; this water is useful for the plants, surrounding gardens etc.The filtration recycling plant helps to avoid the unwanted diseases example like spread of mosquitoes etc. and is safe for use in the surrounding area.

To implement this system in all over India awareness program is necessary to educate architect & civil engineers, industrial & structural engineers to implement this water conservation system during the foundation of the plant itself. This is a major step in order to conserve water in that region, and lead us to prevent global warming.