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Mental Health System

Counseling Centre :

Foundation aims to have counseling centre for every Taluka & different areas of the city. Covering the entire population of the district. The centre will be run by the counselor with the personals from education in psychology ex. B.A., M.A., BSW, MSW, Psychologist. Who will target the psychological problems of the affected individuals. The day to day life which gives stress, conflicts, and unwanted thoughts due to up and down in behavior of the colleagues, next to kin is handled and care for good mental health is taken.

House to house visit for family counseling :

The house to house visit is done by the trained field workers specially the counselors, who target the un reached individuals and have interactive session for their mental well being. The problem of loneliness is also eliminated due to this visit and hidden problems are addressed and solved. This program in turn enriches the individual behavior in the family by obtaining solution through discussion and thus leads to family stability. Confidential is highly taken care of in such program and that brings about trust and faith to the client to open up with our field worker counselor.

Emergency Help Line :

Is established to obtain a Stable of mind. In day to life the instability due to different incidences and different thoughts leading towards disinterest, irritability, loneliness, frustration& lastly Suicidal thoughts- When any individual gets any such thought the emergency helpline will help him address his problem with high confidentiality and to counsel him and thus in turn prevent suicide incidences and bring about good mental stability. This will be an important tool to eliminate many psychological problems.

Family counseling :

The counselor at the centers address the family issues and aim to solve them and being about a strong boud in the family. The stability & strengthening holl families is the major aim of the family counseling sector.

Adolescence :

The young age girls and boys are counseled for their behavioral change due to hormonal changes oluring in that age. The art of handling the change and having stable mind with high concentration is their aim of the adolescence counseling & also to prevent the unwanted wrong approach for the developing sexual behavior, The counselors mainly aim to them proper way with high ethical and moral responsibilities towards thyself and their carrier.

Awareness program :

For the good mental health program the involment of volunteers, devoted workers is mandatory .To archive this need the foundation aims to carry different awareness program for inviting the expert faculty and employ themselves tues with in the good mental Heath program.