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Environment Conservation

Tree plantation :

The foundation plants several big trees giving shade, wood value, aesthetic value to the housing zone of the village. To protect trees from the cattle the foundation uses tree guards made from the natural small woods sticks. To encourage the local participation for the growth & care of the trees the foundation has designed a program involving the school children & volunteers to water the trees and give the necessary fertilizer for the trees growth. The each tree is allotted to the individual participant , thus the tree grows with the age of the person. This brings about the strong bond between individual and the tree followed by the aim of environment conservation.

Awareness program to prevent global warming :

A general awareness rally is carried out in the adopting villages highlighting the slogans in favour of environment & water conservation which helps to open the minds towards the subject and built up a foundation for further program The foundation carries out awareness programs in schools by delivering lectures, power point slides, video films on preventing global warming.

The foundation conducts essay, slogan competition in the local school for the subject “Prevent Global Warming” which brings the seriousness to every child. The children , youth & villagers are targeted differently in our foundation special program “Say no to plastic”. In this program the foundation aims to provide low cost cotton/ paper bags made by the ‘women entrepreneur group’ associated with the foundation

Emphasizing each house to plant 10 trees :

The field workers of the foundation working in the village counsel the people for tree plantation as an individual effort towards environment conservation. The counselors take house to house visit and encourage them to plant & take care of minimum 10 trees surrounding their house. The specific type of trees are planted which have the capacity to retain water in the surrounding soil.

To preserve existing trees and prevent cutting of the trees :
Don’t cut trees save our planet. Plant ten trees before cutting single tree

As a social responsibility the foundation takes special efforts to preserve the existing trees in the village vicinity and prevent embarking of the trees. In some unavoidable situation a tree is cut the foundation takes care to implement immediate step to plant 10 trees in near by vicinity.

The foundation in its tree prevent program involve free soil analysis to the village and depending on the type of soil the particular trees are advised for plantation and the care is taken to see that no barren land should exist in the village premises.

Natural/Artificial lakes :

Foundation looks forward to establish artificial lakes and reservoir of water in the near vicinity of the village of the dry areas. The artificial store of water will be environmental friendly, using the natural stones and mud available in that area the work is carried out by the technical advisor to see that the maximum water is retained in the area and that in turn enriches the water content of the soil of that area.

Eco Friendly Housing :

Environment conservation for the village is also taken care by the foundation in the view of educating the people to have natural eco friendly houses of wood, mud etc. and use cement only where ever necessary. This program has a long term effect on the ecology of environment.